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闪玩: a Chinese word for “flash play”

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Have you ever heard of the Chinese word "闪玩 (shǎn wán)" (flash play)? "闪玩" is a Chinese buzzword for going on a trip where people find companions quickly through the Internet, and then use a fast form of transportation like an airplane to travel to another city together. 

你听说过"闪玩" (flash play)这个词吗?"闪玩"一词指的是人们通过网络快速找到同伴,然后通过飞机等快捷的交通工具一起到另一个城市去游玩。


A "闪玩 (shǎn wán)" is usually a one-day trip without staying overnight. Many net users call themselves "闪玩族 (shǎn wán zú)" (flash play clan or group) and if they get along well during the day, they sometimes continue to spend time together the next day, but then that is not considered to be "闪玩 (shǎn wán)" any more.



In fact, the word "闪玩 (shǎn wán)" has already existed before it is used in an innovative way to describe a traveling style. People who are "闪玩族 (shǎn wán zú)" invite strangers to "闪玩 (shǎn wán)" in a strange place, hoping to remove the estrangement between people living in different cities. More and more "闪玩族 (shǎn wán zú)" emerge on the Internet, some of whom would organize group activities like skating, playing bowling, dancing, swimming or rock climbing.



"闪玩族 (shǎn wán zú)" generally fall into two main groups: those who like to travel and those who want to make friends or party with new people.



The reason why "闪玩 (shǎn wán)" is widely spread is that many white-collar workers in cities feel anxious and lonely under great work pressure. However, they can potentially relax by outings with strangers together.



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