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The differences between “几” and “多少”

多少, 几, how many in Chinese, Chinese words

As we know, both of "几" and "多少" are question phrases used to ask about numbers, but do you know their difference?

"几" is often used to ask about numbers less than 10, and a measure word is needed between it and the noun, so the pattern is:

几 + Measure word + Noun

For Example:


nǐ yào mǎi jǐ jīn pín guǒ?

How many kilos of apple do you want?


nǐ yào mǎi jǐ bēi kā fēi?

How many cups of coffee do you want?


nǐ yǒu jǐ gè hái zi?

How many kids do you have?


xiàn zài jǐ diǎn le?

What's the time?

"多少" can be used to ask about any numbers, and in a sentence, the measure word is optional:

多少 (+ Measure word)+ Noun

For example:


nǐ de gōngsī yǒu duōshǎo (gè) rén?

How many people do you have in your company?


nǐ jiā yǒu duōshǎo (jiān) fángjiān?

How many rooms in your home?


wǒmen yào dìng duōshǎo hé yuèbǐng?

How many boxes of mooncake do we need to buy?


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