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OMG! My little companions and I are all shocked!


我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了! (wǒ hé wǒde xiǎo huǒbàn men dōu jīnɡdāi le!), which is similar to the English "Wow!" or "Oh, my God!" is a very popular saying in China. It even ranked in the 2nd place in the Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Words – 2014. What does it mean in Chinese and why is it popular? Let's first introduce the origin of “我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了! ". 

在中国,“我和我的小伙伴们都惊呆了”是一句非常流行的话,在2014年10大流行语中排名第二,和英文中的“wow”或“oh, my god”类似。那么它指的是什么意思呢,为何如此流行?首先,我们来介绍一下“我和我的小伙伴都惊呆了”这句话的起源。 

This sentence first appeared in a pupil's essay telling the history of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. In his essay, the pupil tells the origin of a traditional festival – Dragon Boat Festival in very amazing and imaginative words. The plot of his story includes love on campus, the life of Qu Yuan, a great poet in China, the wars between Communist Party and Kuomintang and "Long lives chairman Mao" etc. The original copy of his essay goes:



After his essay was posted to a Chinese mini-blog platform Sina, like U.S's Twitter, the lovely and cute sentence came out and soon got its trends. Since its birth, this saying has become extremely popular among young people in China.


In Chinese, "我和我的小伙伴都惊呆了" means "My little companions and I are all shocked!". It is used to show that someone is very shocked at something happened. For example: when hearing of a super stars' breaking up, an officials' corruption or whatever shocks you, you all can use the phrase to express your astonishment. But this sentence can only be used in casual Chinese conversation instead of a formal occasion.


Translated from: ichineselearning


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