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Chinese words about Spring Festival travel season


The Chinese New Year is approaching, and millions of Chinese people are going back home to have a family reunion, which makes it extremely difficult to get a ticket. In this situation, people even have a new way of greeting each other: 你买到票了吗?(Have you got a ticket?)



jīn nián nǐ dǎ suàn huí lǎo jiā guò nián ma. 

Simon: 今年你打算回老家过年吗?

Are you going back to your hometown to celebrate the Spring Festival?

chūn yùn rén tài duō le bù zhī dào néng bù néng mǎi dào piào.

Xiao Lin: 春运人太多了,不知道能不能买到票。

There are too many people during the travel season, and I am not sure whether I could get a ticket.


wèi shén me búshìshì wǎng shàng de mǎi piào shén qì ne tīng shuō hěn huǒ de. 

Simon: 为什么不试试网上的买票神器呢,听说很火的。

Why not try this must-have app on the Internet for purchasing tickets. I heard it is popular. 

hǎo nà wǒ yě pèng pèng yùn qìba 

Xiao Lin: 好,那我也碰碰运气吧。

OK then, I will give it a try.


年 (nián), which in modern Chinese solely means "year", was originally the name of a monster beast that started to prey on people the night before the beginning of a Lunar new year. The Chinese phrase 过年 (guò nián), literally meaning "the passing of the beast", therefore refers to "celebrating the Chinese New Year". 


春运 (chūn yùn) is the combination of 春 (Spring, short for "Spring Festival") and 运 (transportation). It refers to a period around the Chinese New Year that has an extremely high traffic load. It is sometimes called the world's largest human migration. It usually begins 15 days before the Lunar New Year's Day and lasts for around 40 days. 


神器 (shén qì) is a buzzword that is commonly used among young people. 神 means "supernatural; magical", and 器 is "implement; utensil; organ; ware". Here it means a kind of application available on the Internet to help people purchase a ticket in a more efficient way. "火", generally meaning "fire", has different meanings in different circumstances. For instance, "发火" (lose one's temper), "生意红火" (The business is brisk), and here it is used to describe the popularity of the application.

“神器”是年轻人广泛使用的一个网络热词。“神”的英文意思为“supernatural;magical”,“器”英文意思为“implement, utensil; organ; ware”,在这里,“器”是指一种网络应用程序,该程序能够帮助人们更加高效地购买车票。“火”一般是指“fire”,但是在不同的情境中有不同的含义。例如,“发火”是指“lose one’s temper”,“生意红火”是指“the business is brisk”。在这里“火”是指该应用程序非常受欢迎。

Translated from: english.cri.cn


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