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Latest online catchphrase: “主要看气质”


The phrase "主要看气质 (zhǔ yào kàn qì zhì)", meaning "focus on aura", goes viral on the internet overnight. Even the once serious people would post funny selfies about making faces, flaunting themselves as the "most beautiful people" and emphasizing "主要看气质" in particular.


"主要看气质" becomes a popular internet catchphrase because of the Taiwanese singer Wang Xinling. On November 24th, she released an album with a cover photo of her eating a hamburger, which confused netizens a lot. Then, Wang explained: 主!要!看!气!质! (Focus on aura). Immediately, netizens follow suit by posting selfies titled "主要看气质".


And this has become a relay game: after Friend A posts a selfie titled "主要看气质", if any friend comments or 点赞 (diǎn zàn, click "LIKE" button), then he/she falls into the trap. He/she has no other choice but to do the same as Friend A did or sends Friend A a red envelope. In this way, the game continues and the phrase "主要看气质" goes viral. 



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