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Use “聚” to propose a quick gathering


Life is busy. Sometimes you just have an hour or two spare to see your friends. So how do you propose a quick catch-up in Chinese?

Instead of using 见面 (jiànmiàn) or 见 (jiàn) (to meet, to see), try 聚 (jù) (to get together).

Take time to meet up with your buddies! 聚一下吧!

Here's a commonly used phrase among friends in China:


zhè ge zhōumò, zánmen jù yīxià ba!

This weekend, let's meet up for a bit!

Using 聚 (jù), especially together with 一下 (yīxià) to lighten it, emphasizes that this is a brief catch-up; a chat over coffee or lunch, for example.

聚 can also be partnered with other characters to describe a range of gatherings:

重聚 (chóngjù) – to reunite/ to have a reunion (friendly) (v)

聚谈 (jùtán) – to meet up and talk (formal talks) (v)

聚集 (jùjí) – to assemble (a lot of people) (v)

聚会 (jùhuì) – a gathering/ meet-up/ party (friendly) (n)


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