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Use “难免” to indicate inevitable situations


难免 (nánmiǎn) means "to be unavoidable" or "inevitable" and is most commonly placed before a verb, often an auxiliary verb such as 会 or 要. It can only be used to introduce an inevitable situation that is characterized by negative features. One cannot use 难免 to talk of a positive inevitability such as "you will inevitably have a good time".

Basic Structure

(Subject)+ 难免 + Verb


Gānɡ kāishǐ shuō wàiyǔ shí nánmiǎn huì yǒu yìxiē wùhuì.


When you first start speaking a foreign language, there will be some inevitable misunderstandings.

Niánqīnɡ rén nánmiǎn huì yùdào cuòzhé, zuì ɡuānjiàn de shì xuéxí zěnmeyànɡ kèfú.


Setbacks are inevitable for young people, but the most important thing is to learn how to overcome them.


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