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What does “雷人” mean in Chinese?

雷人, speechless in Chinese, chinese words

雷 (thunder) +人 (man) = thunderman???


"雷人" (léi rén) is a catchword in modern Chinese. It comes from an online story in 2008. 


According to online news, a man from Fuqing of Fujian Province in China swore to God that he would be struck by lightning if he hadn't paid back what he owed. However, his words came true in a minute. He was struck by a flash of lightning and fell onto the ground. Fortunately, he was rescued finally. After this accident, he paid back all he had owed consciously. This news was circulated among hundreds of millions of Chinese netizens, and the word "雷人" (léi rén) has been used gradually to describe something that shocks someone or leaves someone speechless. 

据网络新闻报道,中国福建福清,一男子为赖账,不惜对天发毒誓。他说,"如果我欠钱不还,就遭天打雷劈!"一分钟后,他果真遭遇雷击,应声倒地。所幸,经过抢救他脱离危险。之后,他只好乖乖还钱。这则新闻被亿万中国网民广为转载,人们逐渐将"雷人(léi rén)"一词用于形容出人意料且令人哭笑不得的事。

When we sat together to have coffee today, Chinlingo found one of his good friends had dyed both her eyebrows and hair green and wore a bright red lipstick, Chinlingo couldn't help himself and mumbled, "The style is really astonishing!" (这造型,好雷人啊! zhè zào xínɡ, hǎo léi rén a!)


My dear fans, have you found anything "雷人"? Come on share it with Chinlingo!  



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