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达人: people proficient in a certain field

达人, Chinese slang, Chinese words

In Chinese, "达人 (dá rén)" refers to a group of people who are professional and outstanding in a certain field or those who are proficient in a certain aspect.



There is an argument that "达人 (dá rén)" originates from a Japanese word "たつじん", which means a master or expert who is proficient in knowledge or skills.



Another argument is that "达人 (dá rén)" is derived from the word "talent" in English, referring to talented people. In terms of pronunciation, "ta" in "talent" sounds similar to "达 (dá)" in Chinese, and "len" pronounces similar to "人 (rén)".



In China, you might often hear of the phrases like "旅游达人 (lǚ yóu dá rén)", expert in travel, "恋爱达人 (liàn ài dá rén)" expert in love, "数字达人 (shù zì dá rén)" math wiz, or "英语达人 (yīng yǔ dá rén)" expert in English. These phrases indicate that someone is very good at something. In Chinese, a person who has accumulated rich experience and achieved some success in a certain field after a long time can be called a "达人 (dá rén)".



For example, "旅游达人 (lǚ yóu dá rén)" is someone who has rich experience in traveling; "英语达人 (yīng yǔ dá rén)" refers to a person who can speak English fluently and "音乐达人 (yīn yuè dá rén)" is the outstanding person in music knowledge or performance.



In fact, "达人" is another modern and fashionable saying of "专家" (zhuān jiā) in Chinese. If you are good at Chinese and speak Chinese fluently, you will probably be called a "中文达人 (zhōng wén dá rén)".



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