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Differences between “二” and “两”

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In Chinese, there are two words for "two". This is an introduction to the different uses of "2" in Chinese, namely 二 (èr) and 两 (liǎng).

中文里,有两个词可表示"two",即"二" 和"两"。本文将介绍表示"2"的这两个词在中文里的不同用法。


Uses of 二 (èr)


二 is used in numbers



二 (èr) is used generally in numbers, when counting to ten, giving out a phone number, or performing mathematical computations, and so on.



Unlike 两 (liǎng), 二 (èr) does not generally occur with measure words by itself. But numbers like 十二 (12) (shí'èr) and 二十二 (22) (èrshí'èr) end with a "2" and can still be combined with measure words. In this case, 两 (liǎng) is not needed.



Here are some common examples of 二 (èr):



第 二

dì mèr

#2; second


第 二 个

dì èr gè

the second one


第 二 次

dì èr cì

the second time


二 号

èr hào

#2; the second


二 号 线

èr hào xiàn

Line 2


二 楼

èr lóu

second floor


二 十 块 钱

èrshí kuài qián

20 RMB


二 十 二 个 人

èrshí èr ge rén

twenty-two people


Uses of 两 (liǎng)


两 is used with measure words



When specifying quantities, 两 (liǎng) is used in front of measure words. This is when you want to say "two of something" or "both".

说明数量时,应使用"两",放在量词之前。这是你想表达"two of something"或者"both"的情况。


Here are some common examples of 两 (liǎng):



两 个 小时

liǎng ge xiǎoshí

two hours


两 天

liǎng tiān

two days


两 个 星期

liǎng ge xīngqī

two weeks


两 个 月

liǎng ge yuè

two months


两 年

liǎng nián

two years


两 次

liǎng cì

two times / twice


两 块 钱

liǎng kuài qián

2 kuai / 2 RMB


两 千

liǎng qiān



我 两 个 都 要。

wǒ liǎng ge dōu yào.

I want both of them.

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