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Hold 住: to control a situation in a cool and confident way


"hold住 (hold zhù)" originated from the Sino-British, mixed language in Hong Kong. Its sudden popularization was sparked by Internet sensation, Miss Lin, who during an appearance on a Taiwanese variety show demonstrated fashion ideals to college students by enlisting exaggerated styles, pretentious English and sexual behavior to the surprise of the live television audience. While going through her sudden style transformations, she would use the catchphrase, "整个场面我要hold住。(Zhěngge chǎngmiàn wǒ yào hold zhù.) I got it under control."

“Hold住”来自香港中英混用词汇。在一期台湾综艺节目上,Miss Lin以夸张另类的造型、一口做作的英语、扭捏妖娆的姿态向大学生们介绍什么是Fashion,看到她突然转变的风格引起的反响,她说“整个场面我要hold住。(Zhěngge chǎngmiàn wǒ yào hold zhù.) I got it under control”。从此,“hold住”一词便红遍网络。

Since then, netizens began to use the phrase "hold 住" to show confidence and a cool head when facing a challenge. The character "住 (zhù)" in the expression means "stable or solid," A bit like relating oneself to a brick wall. When you're confident in handling a situation, you can ease any skepticism by simply assuring, "我能hold住. (Wǒ néng hold zhù.) I can get this under control." Many people may also use "hold 住" to cheer someone on, kind of like saying "hold on," or "hang in there!" Also, keep in mind that its antonym "hold不住 (hold bú zhù)" is used to admit a situation has spiraled out of control, or that somebody can't handle a situation.

此后,网友开始用“hold住”一词指某人在面临挑战时表现出的自信与从容。“hold住”中的“住”的意思是“稳定或坚固(stable or solid)”,有点像把人比作砖墙。当你自信能处理某件事情时,你可以说“我能hold住。(Wǒ néng hold zhù.)I can get this under control.”,以打消他人的疑虑。很多人也用“hold住”鼓励他人,相当于英文中的“hold on”或“hang in there”。切记,“hold住”的反义词“hold不住”则是指承认形势失控或某人不能掌控某种形势。


2012 kuà nián zhī yè, Lady Gaga zàicì yǐ léirén zàoxíng hold zhù quán chǎng.

2012跨年之夜,Lady Gaga 再次以雷人造型hold住全场。

At the 2012 New Year's Eve party, Lady Gaga captivated the audience with another shocking get-ups.

Liánzhe jiābān hǎo jǐtiān le, wǒ dōu lèi sǐ le.

Susan: 连着加班好几天了,我都累死了。

We've been working over time a few days in a row now. I'm exhausted.

Yídìng yào hold zhù! Mǎshàng jiù fàng Yuándàn jià le! 

Elaine: 一定要hold住!马上就放元旦假了!

Hang in there! New Year's holiday is just around the corner.

Jiù pà hold bú zhù ya!

Susan: 就怕hold不住呀!

I am afraid that I can't.

Translated from: tcfl.tingroom.com


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