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Is there any “暖男” around you?

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In Chinese, "暖男 (nuǎn nán, sunshine boy)" refers to a man who makes others feel warm just like the sunshine in the morning. These men usually tend to be considerate towards their families and are good at cooking. More importantly, they can fully understand and sympathize with others' feelings.



"暖男 (nuǎn nán)" looks decent and clean-cut. He pays more attention to the inner cultivation than the outward appearance. He also knows how to care for the family, and often brings "sunshine" to his family members, and friends.



These "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" are also known as caring, kind-hearted and honest without hypocrisy. That's the main reason why fans regard 暖男-like stars as their idols. The fans believe that being a "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" requires both a glowing appearance and a heart full of love, peppered with a sense of justice.



For now, being a "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" needs the following three features:



First, being willing to take on any burden. A "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" will always be there to give a warm hug when dealing with some unreasonable emotions from girls.



Second, being able to dig out the thoughts hidden in a woman's heart. Some women tend to take aggressive and some might take more manly measures, like attacking and getting angry, to hide their fears and weaknesses. However, "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" can see through this behavior and know what these women really want.



Third, leadership. A "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" should not only understand women, but also stick to their ideas, or women still can't feel safe. A "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" is able to hold a woman tightly when she is in a restless mood, letting her know that everything is going to be okay, while sticking to his own principles.



By making a meal for you, putting a coat over your shoulders and preparing hot baths for you, a "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" warms your body. By giving you tight hugs, giving encouragement and listening eagerly, a "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" warms your heart.



Chinese word "暖男 (nuǎn nán)" comes from the Internet, showing how people are yearning for an intimate relationship between human beings in an indifferent society.



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