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5 tips to improve Chinese reading speed

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If we want to read quickly, you first need to identify where you have problems and what skills you need to improve. Here are some obstacles that might affect you:



Weak vocabulary


Weak connection between words and their meaning


Weak reading skill


Weak grammatical understanding of Chinese



How to practise reading speed



If you don't already read a lot, start reading more: None of the following advice is any use at all if you don't practice. This will help alleviate all the problems described above.



Force yourself to read slightly more quickly than you normally do: Use a pointer of some kind (your finger, a pencil) and run it along the lines of characters at a specific pace and read at that pace. If you miss words, skip them. The goal is to make your brain accustomed to reading more quickly.



Make sure you know enough words: If you lack key vocabulary on a reading comprehension test, you will have a problem, even if you can read words you know fast as lightning.



Read a passage more than once: If you read a passage a second time, you can mark important words and become aware of the structure of the sentences and which parts where actually crucial to understanding. Read the passage again with these words underlined. If some words still slow you down, stop and practice them and read again.



Practice reading aloud: This might seem counter-intuitive, but works well if your reading speed is slower than normal speaking speed. If you want to learn to read faster than speaking speed, you need to stop sub-vocalising.



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