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Chinese slang term: 抬杠


In this article, we will focus on the Chinese slang term "抬杠 (táigàng)".


Where does the phrase originate?

In the north of China in early times, there existed a custom called "抬杠会 (táigànghuì)" argue meeting. On the day of Lantern Festival, some strong men carried the bamboo "杠 (gàng)," on which there is a sedan. A clown with a ready tongue sits in it. They carried the sedan in the crowd and the crowd could have quarreling competitions with the clown. So this kind of meeting is the origin of "抬杠 (táigàng)" arguing .



What does this phrase mean?

The phrase "抬杠 (táigàng)" refers to a kind of cultural custom, which is a clever way for people to blame others or avoid others' blame. The famous cross-talk is a prominent example in which two people take part in a clever quarrel to blame each other. The word "抬 (tái)" means you lift something heavy such as a big stone, a sedan. And the word "杠 (gàng)" refers to a kind of pole to lift something."抬杠" is used when someone fervently argues with others about petty problems or unanswerable questions. In general, it is always meaningless.



How to use the phrase?

You can use "抬杠 (táigàng)" like this: You can say "我受不了他了,他总是跟我抬杠 (wǒ shòu bù liăo ta le, ta zǒngshì gēn wǒ táigàng), which means "I cannot stand him, because he always argues with me." Or you can say "我们一见面就抬杠 (wǒmen yī jiànmiàn jiù táigàng)",meaning "we argue with each other whenever we meet", to express that you can not get along well with that person.


抬杠的用法是这样的:你可以说“我受不了他了,他总是跟我抬杠(wǒ shòu bù liăo ta le, ta zǒngshì gēn wǒ táigàng),英文意思为I cannot stand him, because he always argues with me. 或者你可以用“我们一见面就抬杠 (wǒmen yī jiànmiàn jiù táigàng),we argue with each other whenever we meet”来表明你无法与那人很好地相处。




Nǐ zěnme jiù ài yǔ biérén táigàng ?

Why do you always have to have the last word?


LǎoLǐ shìge hǎo píqì de rén, cónglái bùtáigàng.

Lao Li is a man of good temper who never bickers with others.


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