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Chinese slang term: 桃花运


The phrase "走桃花运 (zǒu táo huā yùn)" literally means "to have peach blossom luck". It refers to "being lucky in love". In most cases, we only say that men will have "桃花运". To get a better understanding of the phrase, we can read this story first:

“走桃花运(zǒu táo huā yùn)”英文的字面意思为“to have peach blossom luck”,实际上它的意思是“being lucky in love”。“桃花运”一般用在男子身上。以下是关于“桃花运”的典故。读完这个故事之后,你会对这个词有更深入的了解。


In ancient China there was a poet and scholar named Cui Hu. One spring, after studying very hard, Cui decided to take a rest and go outside. After a long walk, he became very tired and thirsty, so he looked for a place to rest and have a drink of water. Upon noticing a house with 桃花 (táohuā, peach blossoms), Cui knocked on the door and was greeted by a beautiful girl. As he quenched his thirst, the two didn't talk much, but the attraction between them was obvious. Without mentioning his feelings, Cui left the house and returned home.



The next spring, the familiar sight of peach blossoms reminded Cui of the beautiful girl and he decided to search for her. He went back to the same house, but the girl wasn't home. He wrote a poem on the door, which is still popular among many people. Days later, he continued his search and once again returned to the girl's house. On his trip Cui discovered that the girl was home but had been refusing to eat and was slowly dying. The girl wasn't ill. Instead, after seeing the poem written on the door, the girl thought she had missed her chance to meet Cui Hu and stopped eating as a result of her sorrow. Upon seeing Cui Hu, she quickly recovered. The two married and led a very happy life together.


The story spread, and because of the 桃花táohuā (peach blossoms) in the love story, people began to refer to this kind of love affair as "走桃花运 (zǒu táohuāyùn)" or "交桃花运 (jiāo táohuāyùn)."

这个故事广为流传。由于这个故事中有“桃花”,因此人们便将这种爱情称为“走桃花运(zǒu táohuāyùn)”或“交桃花运(jiāo táohuāyùn)”。


For example:


hěn duō dà líng dān shēn qīng nián xī wàng zǒu táo huā yùn.


Many single young people who are starting to advance in age hope to get lucky and find their special someone.


A: hǎo jiǔ méi jiàn le, nǐ jīn tiān qì sè bú cuò ā.


Long time no see. You look good today.


B: hā hā, suàn mìng de shuō wǒ jīn tiān yào zǒu táo huā yùn.


Haha, a fortune-teller said today I will be lucky in love.

Writen In a Village South Of the Capital

Cui Hu

This very day last year, oh, at this very place,

A pretty face outshone the flowers of peach trees.

I do not know today where shines the pretty face,

Only the pretty flowers still smile in vernal breeze.

                  Translated by: Xu Yuanchong (许渊冲)








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