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7 practical expressions for Chinese “小婊砸”

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You might often see Chinese words like "绿茶婊(lǜ chá biǎo)" or "心机婊(xīn jī biǎo)" on the Internet, which originally refer to annoying girls. However, there are more than these two kinds of annoying women (you can call these women "小婊砸- xiǎo biǎo zá" in Chinese, which means "bitch" in English). Some of them just become one of these unknowingly.



Here is a list of 7 different kinds of "小婊砸(xiǎo biǎo zá)" in Chinese.



The One-Upper



A friend complains how tired she is from her workout, instead of asking her what she did or what hurts, you tell her that you know exactly how she feels. Then you begin to complain about the intense double-session Pilates class you took Monday that's still  painful.



You may think you are just trying to get closer to each other, but for your friends, you might come off as a "优越婊 (yōu yuè biǎo)". You make every conversation like a competition and you always show off by putting your friends down.

也许你只是想借此拉近彼此的距离,但是在你的朋友看来,你真的会成为一个"优越婊 (yōu yuè biǎo)"。因为每次和你谈话都像是一次竞争,你总是借打压朋友来炫耀自己。


Broke Bitch



We all have that one friend who always complains of being broke and does not have enough money to go out for fun, but she never misses the opportunity to go out with friends and bum meals off them.



Although she says "It will be my treat next time", it always turns out to be an empty promise. To be honest, if a "哭穷婊(kū qióng biǎo)" does not have money to go out, she should just stay at home.

虽然她每次都说"下次我会出钱的",但是基本上都没有实现过。然而事实是,"哭穷婊(kū qióng biǎo)"没有钱就不应该出去玩。


The Loud Bitch



The chatterbox is not annoying, but a person who never stops talking voluntarily is.



These "唠叨婊(lāo dāo biǎo)" enjoy talking to someone else and they are rather loud. However, few people like to listen to others' meaningless stories. If the listeners' eyes start to wander, they are most likely waiting for the moment to cut you off.

这些"唠叨婊(lāo dāo biǎo)"喜欢拉着别人滔滔不绝地讲话,嗓门响亮。但是很多人并不喜欢听别人毫无意义的长篇大论,每当他们听别人讲话的时候开始眼神游离、四处张望,那么他们就是正在寻找机会打断这场唠叨。


Bitchin' Bitch



No one likes a complainer. No matter what you are complaining about, whether it's your failure in love or work, few people are really interested. Everyone has their own life, and if you keep complaining about everything to others, they will only keep distance from you. They will know all you can do is bring negativity.

没有人会喜欢一个爱抱怨的人。不管你是爱情不顺还是工作失利,并没有什么人会对此感兴趣。大家都有自己的生活,如果你每天都向别人抱怨生活中的点点滴滴,只会让别人对你敬而远之,因为一个"阴暗婊(yīn àn biǎo)"浑身只会散发负能量。


Complaints will only ruin your relationship, unless the other person is just the same as you are, and you two can be a duo to complain about everything and share frustration with each other.



Lazy Bitch



Some women take it for granted that it is not their duty to clear the plates from the table, close the door behind them or carry their own baggage. These kind of women are regarded as the "懒惰婊 (lǎn duò biǎo)", spoiled by the so-called "gentleman courtesy". Both men and women should be raised with manners.

有些女性从来不认为收拾碗筷是她们的责任,也不爱随手关门,从来不自己拿行李,那这些女性就是被所谓"绅士礼仪"给宠坏的"懒惰婊(lǎn duò biǎo)"。需要被提倡风度的并不只是男性,女性也同样需要。


Minding your own business is the basic manner which should be followed by everyone. Being high maintenance may have gotten you more popular, but not more liked, so do things by yourself and lend a helping hand.



Boyfriend's Bitch



Every girl vowed to her girlfriends in childhood that she will never let a boy come between them. However, the truth is they can't keep their promise now.



These "男友婊 (nán yǒu biǎo)" always show the pictures of her and her boyfriend on Facebook and Twitter, and they even put off the already fixed date with friends, just because of the boyfriend!

这些"男友婊(nán yǒu biǎo)"总是在朋友圈和微博不停和男友秀恩爱,她们甚至会因为男友而推掉和朋友们事先说好的聚会!


Everybody's Bitch



"玲珑婊(líng lóng biǎo)" always want to please everyone and gets involved in relationships with everyone. Therefore, they doesn't want to take sides in disagreements between two friends. Instead, they always try hard to smooth things over rather than voice any opinion out of what they truly think. They don't want to stir things up.

"玲珑婊(líng lóng biǎo)"想取悦所有人,她们想要和每个人都打好关系,于是当两个朋友吵架的时候她们从来不会就事论事,而是努力去和稀泥,不愿说出自己内心真正所想,因为她们不愿意挑起争端。


If you think someone is in the wrong, just directly say so. If they are right, say so as well. Don't try to blur the lines between two sides, or it will make you stuck in the middle.



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