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5 places for you to learn Chinese

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Learning Chinese doesn’t have to be something you do in a classroom. In order to master the language, students need to use every opportunity to enhance their understanding. Don’t be one of those foreigners who come to China to study but insist on using English outside of the classroom. Here are some of the great places to continue your Chinese education that you may have overlooked in the past. 


A staple of scholarly life, you can find these in every city, town, or village you are in.

What to learn: There are limitless potential characters to be found here which means all facets of Chinese language can be acquired. The main category of language that you will find here is social. Improve your ability to make casual conversations with friends and strangers alike, as well as your prowess when searching for one-night intimate company.

What you might say:

xiǎng hē diǎn shénme?
What would you like to drink?


You have to eat, so why not brush up on vocab while you do it.

What to learn: Food, drink, and dating—these are the main things to practice when out at a restaurant. Practice ordering in Chinese by asking to browse the Chinese menu. You can even ask the waiter for more information on dishes with undescriptive names. Just make sure you don’t ignore the date that you came with.

What you might say:

niúpái wǒyào qīfēnshóu.
I would like to have the steak medium-well done.


These are those large buildings that you go to when you visit other cities.

What to learn: For some Chinese language students, everyday phrases are the hardest to master. They spend most of their education studying ancient texts and have a unsurpassed grasp of the native literature, but struggle when thrown into a social setting. Others are just the opposite. They can drone on for hours on the topic of "how was your day" but struggle when more specialized issues arise.

That is what museums are for. Just by hiring a guide or reading every piece of information available, you can improve your vocabulary in the fields of history, antiquities, wax works, and cuddly toys.

What you might say:

zhōngguó lìshǐyōujiǔ, cháodài gèng shì língxīng fēnfán.
China has a long history, comprised of numerous and sporadic dynasties.


Cultural hubs where creativity and pretension reside.

What to learn: Similar to the English word "good", "好" is a thoroughly overused and mundane way to express feeling. By staring at artwork, you will immerse yourself in the creative sector and hopefully pick up interesting forms of expression. Ask a guide or the curator to explain a painting and—while you nod politely—focus on how they phrase the emotions behind it.

What you might say:

měi yīgè bǐchù dōu néng fǎnyìng chū yìshùjiā dāngshí de qíngxù.
Every brush stroke reflects the mood of the artist at that time.


Not every city has a large sports team, but there should always be events, both professional and amateur.

What to learn: Sports talk may seem to be the main area of improvement here, but this is infact incorrect. The most commonly used phrases at these events belong to the profanity family. You will be enveloped by wave upon wave of filthy words and horrendous abuse, all aimed at the opposition.

What you might say:

wǒ rèn wéi bú shì zhè yàng.
I don’t think so.


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