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‘When China Met Carolina’: a story of win-win business friendship between U.S. and China

Is China stealing American jobs? No, if anything, the Chinese are saving them. That's the reassurance delivered in a polished short film released online last week.


Titled "When China Met Carolina", the six-minute and 48-second film features American workers and executives in North and South Carolina waxing lyrical about their Chinese bosses, who swooped in to save ailing businesses from collapse and fostered booming relationships between Chinese capital and American workmanship.


"We all have a dream, whether it's an American dream or a China dream," Ty Taylor—president of Greenfield Industries, a South Carolinian tool maker acquired by China's Top-Eastern Group in 2009—said in the video. "We have a chance of getting there together."


"We were all concerned that when the Chinese come in, they would bring their group of people and exclude us from what was going on," Sherrie Carter, a Greenfield employee, said. "But it hasn't happened. We're able to hire people on and we hadn't done that in many years."


Greenfield managing director Anthony Tosti explained that a more than $20 million investment from Top-Eastern Group lifted the South Carolinian firm out of the doldrums and boosted its headcount to 350 today from 116 roughly six years ago. "There's a lot of Chinese values that filter down into the company… they fit with South Carolina values as well too," he said.


The video also featured the changing fortunes of Ralph Laughter, a lumber-industry executive in North Carolina, who credited to Chinese businessman Jimmy Lee for giving him a fresh start after his lumber business failed. "He put a great number of people back to work," Mr. Laughter said. "Jimmy counts us all as family."


In one part, Greenfield owner Jeff Chee explained in Mandarin how setting up shop in the U.S. can also be of benefit to Chinese-owned firms. "Through the acquisition, we are able to produce the products in America and have the 'Made in USA' brand for sale in the U.S. market," he said.

格林菲尔德公司所有人Jeff Chee用普通话解释在美国建厂也可以让中国公司受益。他说:“通过并购,我们能在美国制造商品,可以在美国市场出售标有‘美国制造'标签的产品。”

"When China Met Carolina" is described on its YouTube page as "a story of friendship, of shared work ethics, of respect and of the achievements grown from the U.S. and China working together." A version of the film published on a YouTube channel titled "China Meets America" had notched more than 78,000 views as of 22th evening.



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