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Top 5 cyber catchwords in the first half of 2015


Duang: "add special effects". It implies something "funny". It is the mimetic word used most frequently when Jackie Chan acted as the spokesman in the Bawang Shampoo commercial in 2004.

Duang: "加特效",带戏谑好玩的味道。据了解,这是2004年成龙代言霸王洗发水的广告里出现最频繁的一个拟声词。


壁咚(bì dōnɡ): it means a man driving a woman into a corner. It originates from Japan, and can be found frequently in girls' comics or animations and Japanese dramas. When a man drives a woman to a corner, he places his hand on the wall or leans against the wall, making the sound "dong", and the poor girl has no way to escape. Today, it has become a hot "confession trick".



然并卵(rán bìnɡ luǎn): "useless at everything". This is a new word originally referring to some high-end mobile phone "black science" and technology , but in real life is very impractical. With the powerful influence of media star Wang Nima in Bao Zou Da Shi Jian (literally, Broadcasting of Great Events), an online talk show program in China, it has become well known among netizens.



睡你麻痹起来嗨(shuì nǐ má bì qǐ lái hāi): it roughly means " don't go be bed, since it is early". It originates from a short video on a microblog, where a man keeps talking to himself on the screen. Can you endure it? What time is it now? shuì nǐ má bì! Get high!



城会玩(chéng huì wán): it is the abbreviation of "你们城里人真会玩 (nǐ men chéng lǐ rén zhēn huì wán)", which literally means that you townsmen are good at having fun. It's an ironic expression.



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