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Are you a “文青”?

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"文青 (wén qīng)" is short for "文艺青年 (wén yì qīng nián, youth interested in art and literature)". "文艺 (wén yì)" refers to: literature and art. On the internet there are many ideas about and definitions of "文青 (wén qīng)". This article will talk about what "文青 (wén qīng)" is.


In general, "文青 (wén qīng)" like reading and like reading novels. For example many "文青 (wén qīng)" like the novels of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, such as ‘Kafka on the Shore' among others.


A hobby related to reading is watching movies. The ones they watch aren't ordinary movies but mostly really sad underground films.


They also like to travel, and like the feeling of being ‘on the road'. There's a saying that really accurately describes the "wenqing" group: ‘Body and soul, one of these is always on the road'. Souls on the road refers to reading, body on the road refers to travelling. These past few years it has been quite popular to go to Yunnan and Tibet to travel, or travel abroad.


Apart from reading and travelling, "文青 (wén qīng)" also like photography. This is actually very easy to understand, because travelling is invariably connected with photography. If you have a young friend near by who loves literature and art, you can see the pictures they have shared on social network sites of their own trips, or they share pictures of the flowers and plants around them, also blue skies and white clouds, things like that.


"文青 (wén qīng)" that like coffee are in the majority and some of them even like tea. Many "文青 (wén qīng)" have a dream: to open a coffee shop. In the coffee shop there would be a book-case with lots and lots of books. As for themselves, they would be the boss of the coffee shop, and when they're not busy they can read books and write articles.


In China, apart from coffee shops being gathering places for "文青 (wén qīng)", the Douban website is as well, and there are many young people interested in arts and literature on there, especially female ones. On Douban they share the books which they have read, films they have seen, articles they've written, places they've visited, and also things they like.


Many "文青 (wén qīng)" are self-employed. Because they like to read and watch films, and many like to write. They use writing to record their feelings after reading books or watching a film. Being self-employed implies that they can more freely organise their own time, so they have even more time to go traveling.


There are still many more defining characteristics of the "文青 (wén qīng)", such as listening to classical and underground music. How about you, are you a "文青 (wén qīng)"?



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