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Learn “chengguan” with Chinlingo’s sample Chinese course

Chinlingo, a startup based in Xiamen, unveils its online business Chinese courses today. Chinlingo is a Chinese course design team consisting of professional TCSL (teaching Chinese as a second language) teachers, course consultants and teaching researchers.

Chinlingo business Chinese course is divided into two parts. The first is a pinyin course tailored for beginners, and the second is a scenario Chinese course designed for Chinese learners at HSK 1-3 levels. The courses are short lessons (1-10 minutes for each lesson), allowing users to learn Chinese during breaks. Flashcards, Teaching videos, Follow me (pronunciation imitation), Read me (extended reading) and exercises are a part of each course. The following is a sample video clip on the topic "chengguan".

If you are living in China, or have been there before, you may have heard of "chengguan" (城管 – chéng guǎn), which literally means city management officials. Who are chengguan? Actually, chengguan are an urban management force installed in almost every city in mainland China. They mostly clamp down on illegal street vendors but also enforce rules on city sanitation, landscaping and parking. Chengguan officers have been increasingly criticized after some of them used bullying tactics that have resulted in injuries and sometimes death. Nowadays, they have become the most hated municipal police in China.

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