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Movie review: Go Away, Mr. Tumor

Go Away, Mr. Tumor

Life is full of unpredictability. All we can and should do is cherish every single day. We're all aware of this, but it's more convincing heard from someone with limited days to live.



This is the theme Go Away, Mr. Tumor takes head on. The film is based on comics artist Xiong Dun's true experience fighting a malignant tumor during the last days of her life. But surprisingly, the subject is handled in a light and amusing way.



For the most part the film can be enjoyed as a comedy. It brings Xiong's wild imagination to life – one moment, she fights valiantly against zombies like the heroes in her favorite US TV series Walking Dead, and the next she and her dreamy Mr Right share a heartfelt embrace while hit song You're My Destiny from popular South Korean TV drama You Who Came From the Stars plays in the background. The movie avoids moments that seem forced or sensational.

这部电影大部分都可以被当成喜剧来观赏。它将熊顿各种天马行空的幻想用画面呈现出来:女主角时而像她最喜欢的美剧《行尸走肉》里的英雄们一样英勇地和僵尸搏斗,瞬间画风一转,又在韩剧《来自星星的你》的主题曲《You're My Destiny》应和下,和她的白马王子深情相拥。(并没有太多我们想象的悲情气氛)电影刻意避免了那些让人不适和煽情的镜头。


Some say the tone of the story seems too lighthearted for a film following the last days of a young woman fighting against terminal cancer.



But if you've read Xiong's comic series of the same name or glanced over the posts on her micro blog, you know that the film's archetypal character is just an unbelievably optimistic woman full of positive energy.



On the talk show A Date With Luyu, which was shot just a dozen days before she passed away, Xiong laughed as she shared her experience in the hospital, saying she had only cried once over her illness. Her optimism and courage have inspired millions of people, and the film is consistent with her spirit.



Bai Baihe, 31, is wonderful as Xiong in the film and excellently delivers an uplifting and optimistic performance. When Xiong says goodbye to her loved ones, Bai's acting is at its peak. We can feel Xiong's helplessness and deep love for life.



Looked at as a commercial film, Go Away, Mr. Tumor is far from perfect, having no clear climax and a fragmented storyline. But it pays an inspiring and emotional tribute to the cartoonist and helps audiences better understand the meaning of life through laughter and tears.



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