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Are you a “工作狂”?

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First to arrive in the morning, last to leave at night – and constantly connected. We all know one or two. Perhaps you're one yourself?! 

In this installment of Chinese Hot Words we're looking at the popular Chinese slang for a "workaholic".

As you might know,工作狂 literally breaks down as follows:

工作 / gōngzuò = to work

狂 / kuáng = crazy; wild; fiend 

Note: You can add 狂 after certain other words with the same effect. 购物狂 / gòuwù kuáng means "shopaholic" and 节食狂 / jiéshí kuáng means "dieting nut", for example.

Other key vocabulary you might need to know include:

加班 / jiābān / overtime

休息 / xiūxi / rest

娱乐 / yúlè / joy; fun

身体 疲劳 / shēntǐ píláo / fatigued or weary body/health

生活无聊 / shēnghuó wúliáo / a boring life

压力太大 / yālì tài dà / too much pressure. 

So folks, now is the time to ask:

你是工作狂吗? Are you a workaholic? 

你有工作狂的朋友吗? Do you have workaholic friends? 

你怎么处理工作和生活的关系? How do you handle the relationship between your work and your life?


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