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The uses of “千万” in Chinese

The uses of 千万 in Chinese.jpg

千万(qiān wàn) on the surface seems to just mean "thousand ten thousand", but it actually means "to make certain". It is used when you want to command someone or remind someone to do something. It really adds a kick to your sentence!

从表面意义上看,"千万(qiān wàn)"似乎是"thousand ten thousand"的意思,不过它实际上指的是"确保"的意思。它可以用于你向他人下命令或者提醒某人做事情。这个词会给你的句子添砖加瓦。


千万 usually starts the imperative sentence/phrase, and it is usually paired with 要, 不能, 别 or similar types of words. You can use 千万 with sentences that are commanding someone not to do something, or you can tell them to do something.

"千万"通常用于祈使句/短语的开头,一般搭配"要"、"不能"、"别"或相似的类型字词。你可以用 "千万"组成命令他人别做某事的句子,或者告诉他们去做某事。



千万 + Verb/Verb Phrase



千万 with "don't"


The following examples use 千万 to command someone not to do something.






千万 别 泄露 出去。

Be sure not to let anything out.


千万 不 能 听 信 谣言。

Be sure not to listen to hearsay.


千万 不 要 骄傲。

Make certain not to be prideful.


千万 with "do"


The following examples use 千万 to command someone to do something.






过 马路 千万 要 小心。

Be sure to be careful on the road.


这句话 你 千万 要 记 在 心里。

Make sure to take this proverb to heart.


对于 陌生人,千万 要 提高 警惕。

Make sure to look out for strangers.


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