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Chinese Internet slang in daily life – gāo fù shuài, bái fù měi and dà mā

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1. 高富帅 (gāo fù shuài)

"高富帅" refers to a single man who is tall, rich and handsome. Women all over the world have different tastes in men. And in English we have coined the phrase "tall, dark and handsome" as one type of ideal man. They have the same thing in China, too. Here he can be summarized in three characters: "高", "富" and "帅" or in the phrase "高富帅". This literally translates as "tall, rich and handsome", and refers to men who possess all three of these enviable qualities. "高富帅" is the ideal boyfriend or husband for Chinese ladies. 


gāo fù shuài shì zhōng guó nǚ hái mèng mèi yǐ qiú de jié hūn duì xiàng.


"高富帅" is a perfect man that Chinese ladies dream of marrying. 

2. 白富美 (bái fù měi)

With the popularity of "高富帅" came the corresponding phrase "白富美." This refers to girls who have ivory complexion, and are rich and beautiful. Three adjectives are: 白 (bái) means "ivory complexion", 富 (fù)  "rich" and 美 (měi) "beautiful". A "白富美" is the ideal girlfriend or wife. People believe that "高富帅" and "白富美" are perfect match.


A: Lucy's boyfriend is tall, rich and handsome.

B: 必须的,Lucy也是白富美啊。(Of course! Lucy is a "白富美" herself.) 

3. 大妈 (dà mā)

Chinese Dama refers to a group of Chinese middle-aged women who rushed to purchase gold as an investment in 2013 when the gold price plunged greatly, especially in April and October. Due to the unpredictability in the rising and falling global gold market, Chinese Dama’s blind investments in gold may risk a lot. The Wall Street Journal quoted "Dama" directly and made it a new term for this specific group of people, who make panic purchase of things, and it may also refers to the "rush to purchase" phenomenon. 

Chinese Dama is not only famous in buying gold, but also in buying houses and stocks, square dancing, playing mahjong and travelling. 


ào zhōu rén bào yuàn zhōng guó dà mā de tóu zī tuī gāo le dāng dì de fáng jià. 


Australians complain that Chinese Dama's investment pushes up the local home prices. 


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