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Why is the surge in divorce seen in the post-80s in China? – part 2


Things have changed dramatically nowadays. Thanks to improved economic conditions, people seek marriage for personal happiness. The post-80s generation no longer needs to be as tolerant as their parents have been before. The open modern society gives people more freedom and choices. Compared with their parents, the post-80s generation is less awe-stricken by traditions. They are also the first generation of China's single children with no siblings, so they pay more attention to personal self-satisfaction. It is no surprise that the divorce rate keeps rising. 


Parents involvement becomes the "pushing hands"


As the single child of Chinese families, the post-80s child grew up under their parents' meticulous care and protection. They cannot live without parents helping in almost every big decision or effort; from buying a house and a car, getting married or taking care of their grandchildren, the parents are always here. The relationships between the post-80s children and their parents is extremely close, both emotional and economical. Therefore parents get more involved in the marriage of their post-80s daughters and sons, becoming the third party in their marriage. 


Lacking education of what it means to love, they have to try it out in marriage for the first time


Han Han, the famous post-80s born writer, once described the marriage and love of Chinese characteristics in this way: “the special condition in China is that, most parents don't allow their children to fall in love during school, and even in universities. But soon after the graduation from universities, all the parents hope that a talented and rich guy or sweet girl who owns a house will appear and is willing to marry their daughter or son. 


In addition, the growing period is also one of social transition. Different from the parents who prefer compromise in marriage, the post-80s are greatly influenced by the egoist values and attitudes towards romance and marriage. The co-existence of two sets of values by two different individuals and conflicts between two differing ideals and the reality put them in an awkward position.


For the post-80s "divorce fanatics", divorce is a price to pay for becoming a grown-up. There will come a day when people born after 1980 will understand the true meaning of marriage, and learn to treasure it.



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