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How to succeed in HSK exams

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Be committed. Make some time to study Chinese every day. in my opinion, it’s better to practice consistently in short sessions every day – even 20 minutes per day, rather than to cram in 5 hours of study during the weekend. it’s important to set aside enough time to commit to learning Chinese.



Try to enjoy learning Chinese. This probably sounds more psychological than anything else, but it does make a difference.



If you’re looking at committing the time studying for the HSK test purely to prep for the test, you won’t enjoy it much.



It can start off with something simple – a funny tone in Chinese, the strange looking Chinese guy in the drama, the signature Shanghai dish that was surprisingly delicious…and slowly, it’ll creep its way through your heart (I know that doesn’t sound flattering, but you get the point) and you might even come to enjoy it! you’ll find yourself surprisingly good at the language!



The vocabulary list isn’t definite. In my personal opinion, while I think the vocabulary list is good as a reference, I honestly think that it’s hugely optimistic to expect HSK Tests to be based within the scope of that vocabulary list. Nope…you’ll almost always see words you don’t know…so don’t worry too much about it!



What I do recommend doing is to continue reading. I remember when I was a child, my Chinese drastically improved when I took an interest in reading.



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