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Useful tips to help you pass HSK exams

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By reading this post, you will find some tips that will aid you in passing the HSK exam regardless of which level you are testing at.


1. Understand the HSK and be sure about which level you should take


Understand the purpose of the HSK and the basic outline of the test. Get an overview of what the HSK actually is and its Syllabus.


You should read the Bulletin of HSK Test(《汉语水平考试考生手册》)in order to understand what will be required in the examination. The Hanban is now offering a free self-evaluation software.


The self-assessment tool includes abbreviated mock exams for all six levels of HSK and three HSKK levels. Use the immediate test results to gauge an appropriate exam level for your needs. Simply enter your name and an email address on the self-evaluation webpage to get started.


2. Make a comprehensive study plan


Once you are familiar with the structure of the test, it’s time to create an all-encompassing study plan. This will give you a good idea of how you will prepare for the exam. The HSK exam generally focuses on speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills, as well as vocabulary and grammar.


3. Drill the vocabulary and grammar


Vocabulary and grammar are a great foundation for your studies and cramming for the HSK. There are certain vocabulary lists for every level.


There are a few different study tools you can use to learn the vocabulary you will find on the test. For the synonyms in the HSK higher level vocabulary ,you may buy some book on synonyms for example 《汉语近义词学习手册》,it provides examples and explanations in both Chinese and English.


4. Do as many mock tests as possible


This is an excellent way to determine whether you are really ready to take the exam or not. Mock papers online are timed, which is helpful because it’s more like the real exam, and you can’t pause them. Additionally, you will receive a score after you’re finished with the mock exam.


Finish as many exercises as possible, look over your answers and figure out the cause of your errors.



5. Increase your listening ability daily


To become a better listener, you should first relax. This will allow you to focus more intently when you take the exam. Read the questions on the exam to aid you in comprehending the section you are listening to.


Remember that the first sentence generally gives you the overall idea of the section you are listening.


When you hear some word you don’t know, don’t spend a long time on it and just skip it instead. Very often, you’ll find out what they mean later when you continue onto the listening.


6. Do your mock exams inside the official time limit


Reading quickly can give you a significantly better chance of doing well on the exam. If the official time limit is an hour and a half, try to finish your reading within 80 minutes when you take mock tests. By practicing finishing early, you can use the extra time as a buffer when you take the actual test, which will reduce your test anxiety and help you if you unexpectedly have trouble with the test.


7. Set aside regular study time


Study for two and a half hours daily. It doesn’t matter when you study, as long as you do so daily, but many people find it helpful to study at the same time every day so they get in the habit of it and can easily go into “study mode.” Maintain your concentration while studying by taking a short break when you start to feel mentally overloaded.


8. Attend a coaching class if you can


Attending a coaching class helps tremendously. The teacher will show you exactly what the HSK graders are looking for on each question, break down each section into different types of questions, explaining how you should approach each type. You’ll find that with those strategies, you no longer need to overthink anything.


9. Study in Moderation


Too much studying can make you feel too bored to easily retain the material you’re working on, and thereby drain your enthusiasm for learning Chinese. Make sure you exercise regularly so you will be more relaxed and your mind can take a break, which will ultimately improve your studying.


Taking HSK exam, it is a good way to get a proof of your Chinese skills, but also to encourage you to deepen your understanding of the language and continue to learn. Once you pass the HSK test, use it as a way to learn more.



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