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Should we ban children from using iPads?


Lawmakers in Taiwan are considering banning children under 2 from using iPads and other electronic gadgets. Those under 18 will also not be allowed to use digital media for "a period of time that is unreasonable." Should iPads be banned for kids?



Nancy (UK)

Supervision regarding what types of apps they use & time regulation is just common sense – but to ban all technology for under the age of two seems radical and ignorant to the benefits that technology can bring. I cannot agree with the plan.



Jason (Australia)

The main problem with technology, and more or less the only one I feel, is eyesight. Because of staring at a computer screen all day, their eyesight could go bad. For 0-2 years, iPads should be prohibited; for 3-5 years, it can be allowed for one hour per day; for 6-18 years it can be allowed for two hours per day. Children need to experience the outdoors–they need to spend time in "green" spaces.



Stephan (US)

I think teaching kids about technology is great and necessary in this day and age. Our children will grow up in a world of technology which they will need to know how to use and navigate. Kids need the outdoor play for sure but a bit of supervised use for a limited time at weekends on age appropriate material is fine.



Maria (China)

I have seen other parents buying their children iPads at a young age and then leave them to use it as they please. That I do not agree with. These devices are not babysitters. Nor should they replace parental interaction or rule. I believe it is important, more so than cautioning against the use of technology by young children, to educate parents.


Ryan (Canada)

I believe technology use at an early age can benefit a child's development, not harm it. Certain video games require reading comprehension skills to advance in the game. In addition, more jobs in the technology sector are being created in Canada. It is important to teach computer literacy to prepare children not only for these jobs, but also for the important role all types of technology will hold further in their education.



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