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After missing the recluse on the wesrter mountian – Qiu Wei

To your hermitage here on the top of the mountain
I have climbed, without stopping, these ten miles.
I have knocked at your door, and no one answered;
I have peeped into your room, at your seat beside the table.
Perhaps you are out riding in your canopied chair,
Or fishing, more likely, in some autumn pool.
Sorry though I am to be missing you,
You have become my meditation —
The beauty of your grasses, fresh with rain,
And close beside your window the music of your pines.
I take into my being all that I see and hear,
Soothing my senses, quieting my heart;
And though there be neither host nor guest,
Have I not reasoned a visit complete?
…After enough, I have gone down the mountain.
Why should I wait for you any longer?


绝顶一茅茨, 直上三十里;
扣关无僮仆, 窥室惟案几。
若非巾柴车? 应是钓秋水。
差池不相见, 黾勉空仰止。
草色新雨中, 松声晚窗里;
及兹契幽绝, 自足荡心耳。
虽无宾主意, 颇得清净理。
兴尽方下山, 何必待之子。


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