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A song of white snow in farewell to field-clerk Wu going home – Cen Can

The north wind rolls the white grasses and breaks them;
And the Eighth-month snow across the Tartar sky
Is like a spring gale, come up in the night,
Blowing open the petals of ten thousand peartrees.
It enters the pearl blinds, it wets the silk curtains;
A fur coat feels cold, a cotton mat flimsy;
Bows become rigid, can hardly be drawn
And the metal of armour congeals on the men;
The sand-sea deepens with fathomless ice,
And darkness masses its endless clouds;
But we drink to our guest bound home from camp,
And play him barbarian lutes, guitars, harps;
Till at dusk, when the drifts are crushing our tents
And our frozen red flags cannot flutter in the wind,
We watch him through Wheel-Tower Gate going eastward.
Into the snow-mounds of Heaven-Peak Road….
And then he disappears at the turn of the pass,
Leaving behind him only hoof-prints. 


北风卷地白草折, 胡天八月即飞雪;
忽如一夜春风来, 千树万树梨花开。
散入珠帘湿罗幕, 狐裘不暖锦衾薄。
将军角弓不得控, 都护铁衣冷犹著。
瀚海阑干百丈冰, 愁云黪淡万里凝。
中军置酒饮归客, 胡琴琵琶与羌笛。
纷纷暮雪下辕门, 风掣红旗冻不翻。
轮台东门送君去, 去时雪满天山路;
山回路转不见君, 雪上空留马行处。


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