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What you can do when taking HSK Exam – part 2


7. If there’s extra time. Use that time to go back and double check.


While I suspect you won’t change very much, the second time is often where I like to look over questions where I doubted my answers. This is the decision time for these confusing questions.


8. Make sure your handwriting is legible. It goes without saying, but if you write characters so fast that it becomes illegible, you can be sure the examiner won’t be spending his / her time trying to unravel the mysterious script you write.


9. Make sure you speak clearly. Don’t worry if you have an accent, but it is important to speak clearly, just like it’s important to write clearly.


By clearly, I mean two things – first off, the pinyin must be right, but second, the tone must also be right.


10. Keep your answers simple! Whether it be writing or speaking, whenever there’s a section on composing an answer – don’t overcomplicate it!


11. There are two things you’re allowed to “bring” to an exam, The first is your watch. it’s always useful to know how much time has passed, and how much time is left. The second is your index finger , Whenever reading a question, it’s always helpful to use your finger to guide your reading. so use these well!


12.Listen to the examiner. At the end of each section of the exam, there will be cues to signal you’re closing in to the end of that section (five minutes before it ends), make sure that you’re done by then so you can either finish up transferring your answers, or double checking your answers.


13.Trust yourself! This sounds generic, but in my experience, an important bit of taking an exam is often the simplest bit…trust yourself! when doing a question, more than often, your first answer is most likely to be correct.



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