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Why Japanese choose China as top destination for studying abroad?


Recently MEXT has added up the overseas students information released by Japan Economic Protocol Development Institute. The number of Japanese students studying abroad has decreased for 7 consecutive years from its peak in 2004, when about 80,000 Japanese students studied outside Japan.


In terms of the destinations for studying abroad, the number of Japanese students in Chinese mainland has increased to 20,000, up by 18% from last year. It was the first time that the number had surpassed that of Japanese studying the U.S. since the research started in 1983. The number of Japanese students in the U.S. has decreased to19,568, – it declined 2% last year. 


Why do Japanese take China as the top destination for studying abroad?


The development of Chinese economy and constant increaseses in cooperation between Chinese universities and Japanese colleges and research institutes, is causing more and more Japanese colleges to visit Chinese universities, seeking partnerships Since 2010, institutions have been aiming to enhance scientific communication, and promote industry-university-research cooperation between China and Japan. JST, China comprehensive research center, JSPS and China overseas service center together held the Sino-Japanese university forum. Under such circumstances, it is easier for Japanese to study abroad in China.


The globalization of economy seems to have inspired Japanese students to choose to study abroad in China for better career prospects After all, there is a constant increase in the already frequent trading between China and Japan. 


In addition, many Japanese students study abroad to actually understandg China, based on the long-standing cultural communication and complex relationship between China and Japan throughout history. The foundation of Japanese culture originates from China. Reform Party, led by Shotoku Taishi (jap. Taishi – prince), began their research on Chinese Confucianism and political system since 5th century AD. During the Taika Reform, Emperor Kotoku observed and copied the political restructuring of the Tang Dynasty and integrated Chinese characters, calligraphy, Buddhism and other cultural practices of the era.


During the past few hundreds of years, regional cultures in Japan have been influenced by Chinese culture in many respects. Nowadays, there are 1,945 common Chinese characters being used in the Japanese language. As it were, life in contemporary Japan is also under the influence of Chinese culture.  


Japanese overseas students represent the new emerging power of Japan. They are brave and confident, hoping to promote friendship through their own efforts. What China should do is to show them the,culture and technology currently being developed here, making Japanese overseas students an important bond in building communication between the two countries.



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