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Returning at night to Lumen Mountian – Meng Haoran

A bell in the mountain-temple sounds the coming of night.
I hear people at the fishing-town stumble aboard the ferry,
While others follow the sand-bank to their homes along the river.
…I also take a boat and am bound for Lumen Mountain —
And soon the Lumen moonlight is piercing misty trees.
I have come, before I know it, upon an ancient hermitage,
The thatch door, the piney path, the solitude, the quiet,
Where a hermit lives and moves, never needing a companion.


山寺钟鸣昼已昏, 渔梁渡头争渡喧;
人随沙路向江村, 余亦乘舟归鹿门。
鹿门月照开烟树, 忽到庞公栖隐处;
岩扉松径长寂寥, 惟有幽人自来去。



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