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Mooring at twilight in Yuyi Disirict – Wei Yingwu

Furling my sail near the town of Huai,
I find for harbour a little cove
Where a sudden breeze whips up the waves.
The sun is growing dim now and sinks in the dusk.
People are coming home. The bright mountain-peak darkens.
Wildgeese fly down to an island of white weeds.
…At midnight I think of a northern city-gate,
And I hear a bell tolling between me and sleep.


落帆逗淮镇, 停舫临孤驿。
浩浩风起波, 冥冥日沈夕。
人归山郭暗, 雁下芦洲白。
独夜忆秦关, 听钟未眠客。


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