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What’s your opinion on blind dates?


Does dating someone you've never met appeal? Have you ever been on a blind date? If yes how did it work out?



crimsonwolf (China)

I had several blind dates before marriage and the final one brought me my wife, I fell into love at first sight. A blind date allows you to know more people of the opposite sex; if you don't feel good when you meet, just say goodbye after saying hello; if you feel good, that's a beginning to know someone who might be your Mr or Ms Right.



sinfulangel (Australia)

It's a bit strange parents setting up blind dates for their children. One of my friends told me her parents have arranged one for her in China and she said she felt stressed. I think it is really stupid for parents to arrange that kind of thing, as it is up to the kids what kind of person they want to meet. Parents arranging blind dates for their kids actually create unnecessary stress.



karenann33 (UK)

I met my husband on a blind date so I'm for it. I've actually been on quite a few blind dates. I preferred to have friends set me up than for me to have to try to meet someone. However I never went on one alone. It was always a double date with the friend who set it up. I was young and timid so this worked better for me. Still makes me laugh that the girl who set me up with my husband didn't think I'd stay with him because he smoked (I can't stand smokers). She told him how I felt so he didn't smoke around me. He ended up falling for me and quit smoking to keep me. Married now for 19 years and he hasn't smoked since.



Nika (US)

I would never go on a blind date. I'm the type who waits for the right person to come along. I won't go out with someone if I don't have any feelings for them. I love to try new things but when it comes to relationships I am so cautious.



love2loveu (Canada)

Yes I would (if single) also I would go if I knew the person who set me up had my best interest at heart. Going on a blind date could be fun and the worst that could happen is you do not like the person. You can just say thanks but I am not interested and keep moving forward.



kegster86 (Australia)

Yes, I would go on a blind date if it was set up by a friend. They usually know what I like in a person so I trust that they would try to set me up with someone who would have things in common with me. I have been on one blind date set up by a friend and it didn't go too well. The person was very quiet and shy so it was hard to have a conversation with him. I would be willing to give blind dates another chance though.



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