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Are selfies a sign of narcissism?


Selfies are a rapidly growing trend around the world and for many taking selfies has become a part of their lives. They can be taken just about anywhere, anytime. Do you take selfies and send them to someone, or post them on social media?



hide-and-seek (China)


As far as I'm concerned, a selfie can reveal one's beauty, confidence and attitude towards life, which can be a tool to record our changes as time goes by. Beautiful or not, just let it go. We all cherish and enjoy the experience and moment we have gone through, no matter how crazy we are or what we look. We love selfies just because we are in it.



Narcissism (US)


It's narcissism. I have a friend who changes her photo on Facebook at least once a day, if not more. Always a selfie. Not necessary and is just a plea for attention. Some people are a little too in love with themselves.



Joshua (Australia)

Joshua (澳大利亚)

I take about a selfie a month and post just about every one of them. Selfies are like a visual diary, one selfie can hold a lot of precious memories. I think people take and share selfies because they want to preserve memories, show off their looks, or go "fishing for compliments".



Haley (UK)

Haley (英国)

Selfies have recently become a huge phenomenon all around the world. Not only are teenagers taking selfies today, but people of all ages. Why do people take selfies? In my opinion, selfies are taken to show who a person is, and to allow them to share with everyone else memories, or things they find important to them.



财神 (Nepal)

财神 (尼泊尔)

I really hate selfies and would like to call it selfish photography done to attract attention. Selfies might be normal sometimes but when a person takes a photo of their face, I cannot say they are beautiful or handsome. I think it's an act of introvert and unsocial people.



Esmi (Canada)

Esmi (加拿大)

I take hundreds of selfies every day. I usually share my selfies if I'm having a good day and I like how my hair looks or if I'm just bored. I think posting selfies online makes people see a different side of you.



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