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Du Fu: A long climb

In a sharp gale from the wide sky apes are whimpering,

Birds are flying homeward over the clear lake and white sand,

Leaves are dropping down like the spray of a waterfall,

While I watch the long river always rolling on.

I have come three thousand miles away. Sad now with autumn

And with my hundred years of woe, I climb this height alone.

Ill fortune has laid a bitter frost on my temples,

Heart-ache and weariness are a thick dust in my wine.


风急天高猿啸哀, 渚清沙白鸟飞回。

无边落木萧萧下, 不尽长江滚滚来。

万里悲秋常作客, 百年多病独登台。

艰难苦恨繁霜鬓, 潦倒新停浊酒杯。


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