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A song of Lu Mountian to censon Lu Xuzhou – Li Bai

I am the madman of the Chu country
Who sang a mad song disputing Confucius.
…Holding in my hand a staff of green jade,
I have crossed, since morning at the Yellow Crane Terrace,
All five Holy Mountains, without a thought of distance,
According to the one constant habit of my life.
Lu Mountain stands beside the Southern Dipper
In clouds reaching silken like a nine-panelled screen,
With its shadows in a crystal lake deepening the green water.
The Golden Gate opens into two mountain-ranges.
A silver stream is hanging down to three stone bridges
Within sight of the mighty Tripod Falls.
Ledges of cliff and winding trails lead to blue sky
And a flush of cloud in the morning sun,
Whence no flight of birds could be blown into Wu.
…I climb to the top. I survey the whole world.
I see the long river that runs beyond return,
Yellow clouds that winds have driven hundreds of miles
And a snow-peak whitely circled by the swirl of a ninefold stream.
And so I am singing a song of Lu Mountain,
A song that is born of the breath of Lu Mountain.
…Where the Stone Mirror makes the heart’s purity purer
And green moss has buried the footsteps of Xie,
I have eaten the immortal pellet and, rid of the world’s troubles,
Before the lute’s third playing have achieved my element.
Far away I watch the angels riding coloured clouds
Toward heaven’s Jade City, with hibiscus in their hands.
And so, when I have traversed the nine sections of the world,
I will follow Saint Luao up the Great Purity.


我本楚狂人, 凤歌笑孔丘。
手持绿玉杖, 朝别黄鹤楼;
五岳寻仙不辞远, 一生好入名山游。
庐山秀出南斗傍, 屏风九叠云锦张;
影落明湖青黛光, 金阙前开二峰长。
银河倒挂三石梁, 香炉瀑布遥相望。
回崖沓障淩苍苍, 翠影红霞映朝日,
登高壮观天地间, 大江茫茫去不黄。
黄云万里动风色, 白波九道流雪山。
好为庐山谣, 兴因庐山发。
闲窥石镜清我心, 谢公行处苍苔没。
早服还丹无世情, 琴心三叠道初成;
遥见仙人彩云里, 手把芙蓉朝玉京。
先期汗漫九垓上, 愿接卢敖游太清。


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