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A farewell to Wei Wan – Li Qi

The travellers' parting-song sounds in the dawn.
Last night a first frost came over the river;
And the crying of the wildgeese grieves my sad heart
Bounded by a gloom of cloudy mountains….
Here in the Gate City, day will flush cold
And washing-flails quicken by the gardens at twilight —
How long shall the capital content you,
Where the months and the years so vainly go by?


朝闻游子唱骊歌, 昨夜微霜初度河。
鸿雁不堪愁里听, 云山况是客中过。
关城树色催寒近, 御苑砧声向晚多。
莫见长安行乐处, 空令岁月易蹉跎。


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