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What do you think about China’s Guang Chang Wu?


Square dancers in Beijing may be fined if their acts disturb public order, according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The square dancing or Guang Chang Wu is a popular pastime among older Chinese women, who can often be spotted displaying their moves in open areas in the city. The practice has generated widespread public complaints about loud music and disruption. Do you think square dancing is causing annoyance?


Quarrytone (China)


There’s a growing chorus of complaints in society about the loud music late at night. If it’s near a mall or public square, there is no problem, but when it’s near apartment blocks and disturbs residents, it would be better if the government regulates it, just like in many western countries。


Bebilzebub (UK)

Bebilzebub (英国)

It’s a load of (mostly) older women getting together to do some exercise and, judging by the smiles on their faces, having a good time while they’re at it. I love cycling around a city and seeing people dancing. It’s fantastic. Long may it continue。


Chris (Australia)

Chris (澳大利亚)

I live in China, and find this a rather charming pastime. But there is a need for a restriction on the number of loudspeakers in a given area。


Glen (UK)


Oh please. The dancing grannies are hardly out there all night long rocking out. Yes, it’s a little loud for about an hour somewhere between 7-9 pm. I absolutely love cruising around Shanghai on a nice evening and seeing all the ladies getting their groove on, such as it is. It’s a lovely aspect of life here。


Smartnova (US)

Smartnova (美国)

I absolutely HATE it because I experienced it. They dance more than 10 hours a day everyday, often ’til midnight, on the ground of your apartment building with loud, noisy music. Is this kind of you life you want to live on daily basis? It becomes so infectious now in the cities throughout China. It’s time to have government step in to regulate it。



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