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Would you feel comfortable using a unisex public toilet?


Unisex public toilets have been introduced in a number of cities including Beijing, Chongqing and Shenyang, to help plug a lack of women’s restrooms in public places. Would you feel comfortable using a unisex public toilet? You’re welcome to leave your comments.


Cathy (China)


Toilets should be separate for men and women. As a woman, I would not want to share it with men. I would feel embarrassed. There are not enough toilets for women in public places but I don’t see why we think we can solve this problem by making all the toilets unisex.


Ratfink (Australia)


I don’t have a problem with it in most situations, provided that the doors offer adequate protection from intrusion and high levels of privacy. Given that there are a few sick perverted twisted types out there who take pleasure in photographing women in toilets (or in some cases men), there is a need for some pretty good measures to stop such behavior.


Mark (China)


I think it is better to increase the number of women’s toilets. I always feel sorry for the ladies as there never seems to be enough toilets and they always have to form a queue when the men’s are so easy to access.


Roger (US)


In the States there are lots off public unisex toilets, but they are a one-room affair so each person can be alone with a locked door. When a woman leaves, then a man can go in and vice-versa. The idea of side by side stalls with men and women (and kids) mixed together in the same room is *revolting* (and very dangerous!).


Nick (UK)


There have been unisex toilets all over London for years; likewise they have them in numerous restaurants, on planes and trains, etc. This just isn’t a big deal.


Felix (France)


Visit France where unisex toilets are common, and have been for years.



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