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The yellow crane terrace – Cui Hao

Where long ago a yellow crane bore a sage to heaven,
Nothing is left now but the Yellow Crane Terrace.
The yellow crane never revisited earth,
And white clouds are flying without him for ever.
…Every tree in Hanyang becomes clear in the water,
And Parrot Island is a nest of sweet grasses;
But I look toward home, and twilight grows dark
With a mist of grief on the river waves.


昔人已乘黄鹤去, 此地空余黄鹤楼。
黄鹤一去不复返, 白云千载空悠悠。
晴川历历汉阳树, 芳草萋萋鹦鹉洲。
日暮乡关何处是? 烟波江上使人愁。


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