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How to learn Chinese


My teacher told me something about learning language, he said: "if you want to learn, just recognizing youself as a new born baby", so at beginning, you shouldn't spend a lot time to write, you should spend time to speak some simply sentence about what you want to speak, just like a new born baby, this is the rule of learning language. Chinese has 4000 words used in daily life, so, if I learn to write first, I must say "Oh no! It's making me wanna die!". Now, I am writing down the key of learning Chinese:


1. Meaningful input (if you don't understand what )

1. 有意识地输入文字

2. cultivate an interest (like singing a song, watching tv show etc. One of my foreign friend's hobby is listen xiangsheng, he speaks chinese very well)

2. 培养兴趣

3.Don't give yourself pressure (if you have pressure, you will failed)

3. 不要给自己压力


4. 动力

5.emotion (you should put you emotion to learn, because we aren't machine)

5. 情感

6.Don't fear to change and don't resist (new born baby don't resist anything, so learning language to them is easier)

6. 不要害怕改变,不要抗拒学习


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