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How to use a Chinese calligraphy brush


Have you ever wondered how to properly hold a Chinese brush pen?


Using this technique, you will be prepared to write beautiful Chinese characters in the traditional manner.


1.Prepare a Chinese writing brush.

1. 准备一支毛笔

2.Soak it in a cup of water.

2. 将毛笔泡在水杯里

3.Take the brush out when it is soft.

3. 毛笔浸软后取出

4.Hold the brush in your right or left hand. 

4. 用左手或右手握住毛笔

Holding the brush higher creates weaker, softer strokes while holding closer to the bristles create solid, more defined strokes.

5.Use your ring finger, middle finger and thumb to hold the brush.

5. 用无名指、中指和拇指握住毛笔

6.Keep your elbow above the table.

6. 保持肘部在桌子上方

7.Dip the ink stick in water and grind against the ink stone until the ink has an oily consistency. 

7. 将墨浸入水里,用砚台磨墨,直至墨成均匀油状。

8.Bottled ink: Pour ink into the ink stone.

8. 瓶装墨水:将墨倒入砚台

9.Begin writing characters, tilting the brush using the fingers, not the hands. Tilting the brush can add certain effects to the character that may or may not be desirable.

9. 开始写字,用手指(而非用手)将毛笔倾斜。写字时,倾斜毛笔可以使字体增效。


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