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A boat in spring on Ruoya Lake – Qiwu Qian

Thoughtful elation has no end:
Onward I bear it to whatever come.
And my boat and I, before the evening breeze
Passing flowers, entering the lake,
Turn at nightfall toward the western valley,
Where I watch the south star over the mountain
And a mist that rises, hovering soft,
And the low moon slanting through the trees;
And I choose to put away from me every worldly matter
And only to be an old man with a fishing-pole.

幽意无断绝, 此去随所偶;
晚风吹行舟, 花路入溪口。
际夜转西壑, 隔山望南斗。
潭烟飞溶溶, 林月低向后。
生事且弥漫, 愿为持竿叟。


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