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Passing through Huayin – Cui Hao

Lords of the capital, sharp, unearthly,
The Great Flower’s three points pierce through heaven.
Clouds are parting above the Temple of the Warring Emperor,
Rain dries on the mountain, on the Giant’s Palm.
Ranges and rivers are the strength of this western gate,
Whence roads and trails lead downward into China.
…O pilgrim of fame, O seeker of profit,
Why not remain here and lengthen your days?

岧峣太华俯咸京, 天外三峰削不成。
武帝祠前云欲散, 仙人掌上雨初晴。
河山北枕秦关险, 驿树西连汉畤平。
借问路傍名利客, 无如此处学长生。


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