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Hard is the way of the world – part 2

The way is broad like the blue sky,
But no way out before my eye.
I am ashamed to follow those who have no guts,
Gambling on fighting cocks and dogs for pears and nuts.
Feng would go homeward way, having no fish to eat;
Zhou did not think to bow to noblemen was meet.
General Han was mocked in the market-place;
The brilliant scholar Jia was banished in disgrace.
Have you not heard of King of Yan in days gone by,
Who venerated talents and built Terrace high
On which he offered gold to gifted men
And stooped low and swept the floor to welcome them?
Grateful, Ju Xin and Yue Yi came then
And served him heart and soul, both full of stratagem.
The King’s bones were now buried,
who would sweep the floor of the Gold Terrace any more?
Hard is the way.
Go back without delay!


大道如青天, 我独不得出。
羞逐长安社中儿, 赤鸡白狗赌梨栗。
弹剑作歌奏苦声, 曳裾王门不称情。
淮阴市井笑韩信, 汉朝公卿忌贾生。
君不见, 昔时燕家重郭隗,
剧辛乐毅感恩分, 输肝剖胆效英才。
昭王白骨萦蔓草, 谁人更扫黄金台?
行路难, 归去来?


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