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Endless yearning 2 – Li Bai

"The sun has set, and a mist is in the flowers;
And the moon grows very white and people sad and sleepless.
A Zhao harp has just been laid mute on its phoenix holder,
And a Shu lute begins to sound its mandarin-duck strings….
Since nobody can bear to you the burden of my song,
Would that it might follow the spring wind to Yanran Mountain.
I think of you far away, beyond the blue sky,
And my eyes that once were sparkling
Are now a well of tears.
…Oh, if ever you should doubt this aching of my heart,
Here in my bright mirror come back and look at me!"


日色已尽花含烟, 月明欲素愁不眠。
赵瑟初停凤凰柱, 蜀琴欲奏鸳鸯弦。
此曲有意无人传, 愿随春风寄燕然。
忆君迢迢隔青天, 昔日横波目,
不信妾肠断, 归来看取明镜前。


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