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A drawing of a horse by General Cao at Secretary Wei Feng’s horse – Du Fu

Throughout this dynasty no one had painted horses
Like the master-spirit, Prince Jiangdu —
And then to General Cao through his thirty years of fame
The world’s gaze turned, for royal steeds.
He painted the late Emperor’s luminous white horse.
For ten days the thunder flew over Dragon Lake,
And a pink-agate plate was sent him from the palace-
The talk of the court-ladies, the marvel of all eyes.
The General danced, receiving it in his honoured home
After this rare gift, followed rapidly fine silks
From many of the nobles, requesting that his art
Lend a new lustre to their screens.
…First came the curly-maned horse of Emperor Taizong,
Then, for the Guos, a lion-spotted horse….
But now in this painting I see two horses,
A sobering sight for whosoever knew them.
They are war- horses. Either could face ten thousand.
They make the white silk stretch away into a vast desert.
And the seven others with them are almost as noble
Mist and snow are moving across a cold sky,
And hoofs are cleaving snow-drifts under great trees-
With here a group of officers and there a group of servants.
See how these nine horses all vie with one another-
The high clear glance, the deep firm breath.
…Who understands distinction? Who really cares for art?
You, Wei Feng, have followed Cao; Zhidun preceded him.
…I remember when the late Emperor came toward his Summer Palace,
The procession, in green-feathered rows, swept from the eastern sky —
Thirty thousand horses, prancing, galloping,
Fashioned, every one of them, like the horses in this picture….
But now the Imperial Ghost receives secret jade from the River God,
For the Emperor hunts crocodiles no longer by the streams.
Where you see his Great Gold Tomb, you may hear among the pines
A bird grieving in the wind that the Emperor’s horses are gone.

国初以来画鞍马, 神妙独数江都王。
将军得名三十载, 人间又见真乘黄。
曾貌先帝照夜白, 龙池十日飞霹雳,
内府殷红玛瑙盘, 婕妤传诏才人索。
盘赐将军拜舞归, 轻纨细绮相追飞;
贵戚权门得笔迹, 始觉屏障生光辉。
昔日太宗拳毛騧, 近时郭家狮子花。
今之新图有二马, 复令识者久叹嗟,
此皆骑战一敌万, 缟素漠漠开风沙。
其余七匹亦殊绝, 迥若寒空杂烟雪;
霜蹄蹴踏长楸间, 马官厮养森成列。
可怜九马争神骏, 顾视清高气深稳。
借问苦心爱者谁? 后有韦讽前支盾。
忆昔巡幸新丰宫, 翠花拂天来向东;
腾骧磊落三万匹, 皆与此图筋骨同。
自从献宝朝河宗, 无复射蛟江水中。
君不见, 金粟堆前松柏里,



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